Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning machines for all industries & applications.

CleenSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Range

An ultrasonic cleaning machine reduces the cost of servicing and repairing complex machinery and is an invaluable step in the quality manufacturing of diverse products. Our ultrasonic parts cleaner solutions are designed for the cleaning of intricate and fragile automotive and aerospace components, jewellery, and medical instruments.

Maximise efficiency by making ultrasonic cleaning part of your processes.

We pride ourselves on being the first choice for industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment and maintain client satisfaction across a range of industries.

The CleenSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner Range

We are always the first choice for an ultrasonic cleaner in Australia. The bench-top units are the ideal ultrasonic cleaner for dental, carburettor, laboratory, and jewellery cleaning. The method of operation is as simple as it is effective:

  • Ultrasonic cleaners are fitted with transducers attached to the bottom of a tank filled with the cleaning solution.
  • The transducers create vibrations at high frequencies, sending sound waves through the cleaning solution. These waves produce millions of tiny vacuum-filled bubbles that shoot out powerful jets of liquid when they implode.
  • The force of the implosions, called cavitation action, breaks the bond between the contaminant and the part being cleaned. The process is tough enough for engine heads, valves, and carburettors, but gentle enough for jewellery and surgical instruments.

CREST Bench-top Range | 2 - 26 litres

CREST bench-top units are leaders in the precision ultrasonic cleaning industry. Our technology has been used successfully with aqueous and solvent systems, which serve an extensive variety of cleaning applications from rugged industrial use to a critically precise ultrasonic cleaner for Sydney and surrounding operators. (The same high-performance technology has been transferred to our new line of Powersonic™ tabletop cleaners, which provide significant industrial strength and quality at a tabletop price.)

Learn more about the CREST bench-top ultrasonic cleaner in Melbourne or request a FREE demonstration.


CS-Series Benchtops | 15 - 115 litres

The CS-Series industrial ultrasonic cleaner is a benchtop unit designed for engineering and automotive workshops, specially designed to clean small to medium metal parts and mechanical assemblies. The unit has a heated ultrasonic tank with a durable stainless steel body.


Learn more about the CS-Series bench-top ultrasonic cleaner in Brisbane or request a FREE demonstration.


Custom Ultrasonic Cleaners I 100 - 15,000 litres

We can provide you with a custom ultrasonic cleaner of the right size for your factory. Units are free-standing and designed with ample space for easy loading and unloading. Operation and results are similar to our bench-top models, allowing you to utilise the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning for larger components.

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