Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions

Ultrasonic cleaning machines for all industries and applications

Ultrasonic Cleaner Fluid

Ultrasonic technology is changing today’s parts cleaning industry by making precision cleaning safer, faster, less expensive, and more effective.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective method for cleaning small and large automotive, aerospace and a multitude of other components, producing a perfect clean inside and out. You can maximise the efficiency of your processes by using the right ultrasonic cleaner fluid for the specific component and task.

Always Use the Right Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluids

Our ultrasonic cleaning machines and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions remove dirt, grime, machine oils and more from parts and equipment, even cleaning blind holes. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning solutions include:

  • Desal – Removes carbon, grease deposits, food residue, road grime, tar, and varnish from most materials, including cast iron, steel, glass, and enamel. Safe to use on automotive, aerospace, and industrial components.
  • Greaseclean – A heavy degreaser for most materials.
  • Alumcarb – An ultrasonic cleaner fluid for carburettors and aluminium alloy parts that cleans off grease, paint, oil, road grime and tar.
  • Paintrust – An effective degreaser for aerospace components, but not usable as an ultrasonic cleaner fluid for aluminium, zinc or chrome coated parts.
  • Desplatter – A descaler for stainless steel and plastic components of deep-bore immersible pumps.
  • Electro – A cleaning solution developed for electronic components to remove flux residue and general dirt.
  • Flash – A rust-inhibiting final rinse for steel parts.

The table below sets out our different ultrasonic cleaner solutions for each industry: