Custom Ultrasonic Machines

Ultrasonic cleaning machines for all industries and applications

Custom Solutions

Cleensonic offers a wide range of technical solutions to build up a custom complete system for each industry cleaning requirements. Each line is adjusted and configured with the desired wash, rinse and drying stages according to customer needs.

Flexible, reliable and robust systems starting for 100litre tank capacity up to 15,000litre for each stage.

Multistage lay-out allows easy parts handling by using overhead cranes, custom automated manipulation systems or robotised systems. Customised baskets can be used to ensure perfect integration at customer manufacturing or maintenance processes.

Ultrasonic Multistage systems are ideal for customers searching for repetitive cleaning of parts during their processes

Multi-Tank Workstation Ultrasonic Cleaners


The workstation units are custom built to achieve your cleaning requirements. A workstation is defined as a unit which includes a bench top like structure and a series of ultrasonic and rinse tanks incorporated into one unit to form a ultrasonic cleaning system.

Standard workstation Components

The workstation ultrasonic cleaners are fitted with the required amount of Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer Packs, located inside the tank, to give the appropriate ultrasonic cleaning power required. They are powered by separate Generators which can be located inside the machine or in an electrical enclosure nearby, depending on your requirements.

The Transducer Packs and Generators come in four sizes: 600, 1200, 1500 & 2000W output power and are available with a frequency of 40, 68 or 110kHz.

These units comes with an easy to operate control panel which includes: Digital heater Control, Digital Timer, Heating Status and Low Level lamps as standard.

It be designed specifically for your requirements and can include a Weir System for filtration and circulation of the liquid, a Manual or Automated Overhead Management System (OMS) for lifting and moving heavy parts, Insulated or Un-insulated Lids to retain heat and sound.