Ultrasonic Washer – Cleaning Machine in Australia

An Ultrasonic Washer provides cleaning solutions for any industry

Using an ultrasonic washer to clean machine parts cuts down on cleaning hassle while keeping employees engaged and productive. CleenSonic offers customisable ultrasonic cleaners for any industry. Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop cleaning solutions that are a highly economical investment for any business. Our machines also allow employees to skip menial cleaning tasks so they can perform the functions that keep them challenged and happy. Keeping parts clean and well-lubricated ensures machinery longevity and fluid production processes.

Tips for getting more value out of an Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Ultrasonic cleaners offer multiple benefits in virtually any industry. Employees get tired of tedious cleaning routines, and you already know that their skills could be better used elsewhere. How to make the most of your cleaner investment:

  • Consult with a company with an extensive background in ultrasonic cleaners. Their knowledge and experience will help you decide the size and configuration you’ll need.
  • Help your workers get up to speed on how ultrasonic machines function. These new additions to your business will prevent workers from investing hours into disassembling and reassembling components and performing manual cleaning.
  • Don’t settle for models that may damage delicate parts. Ultrasonic cleaners provide heavy-duty cleaning even on delicate instruments. They are designed to clean those hard-to-reach areas that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

What you can expect from CleenSonic regarding Sonic Washers

We have extensive experience with ultrasonic cleaners, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the ideal product and service for your industry. Our professional team works closely with you to design a configuration that provides maximum cleaning potential in less time.

  • We can custom-build an ultrasonic cleaner for your industry needs. We use Ultratecno machines designed for industrial use and modify them to accommodate you. With options ranging from small benchtop units to large industrial cleaners, we can help you keep components clean.
  • Our ultrasonic cleaners have transducers attached to the bottom of the tank. Simply fill these transducers with cleaning solution. Instead of producing a need for extensive manual involvement in the cleaning process, the transducers create vibrations that help the cleaning solution penetrate the smallest of spaces for a thorough cleaning without disassembly.


Our extensive experience and options for custom-made ultrasonic cleaners make us a competitive cleaning solution for multiple industries. We carry units that provide small part cleaning for the medical, dental, laboratory, and jewellery industries. With minimal energy usage or manual labour requirements, our industrial cleaning units offer a more efficient clean than hand cleaning can alone with speedy and satisfying results. You won’t have to tackle your cleaning requirements alone: our professional team works with you to design a cleaning system specific to your industry’s needs and delivers pre-made products that are ready to work for you.
Allow your employees to branch out into other areas of production with the time they save on cleaning. Request your free solution exploration session today for more information on how our ultrasonic cleaners can benefit your industry.