Ultrasonic Degreaser

Save time, money and effort with an Ultrasonic Degreaser

An ultrasonic degreaser uses the power of vacuum-filled bubbles to restore a wide array of parts and machinery to a near-new condition, and it’s perfectly safe for your workers. Learn more about how this technology works by visiting our website or calling us.

Benefits of an Ultrasonic Degreaser by CleenSonic

Just some advantages of our highly sophisticated products include:

  • Make life straightforward: Instead of using small tools to clean the inner crevices of automotive components, you can place them in a tank, press the power button and allow it to do its job, letting you concentrate on more pressing matters.
  • Reduce your running costs: Compared to other cleaning technologies, our ultrasonic tanks can reduce your energy and detergent usage by up to 45%, which could save your company thousands of dollars in just a few years.

Problems an Ultrasonic Degreaser by CleenSonic addresses

By investing in an ultrasonic tank to clean your equipment, you can help prevent the following issues.

  • Environmental damage: Many conventional cleaning solutions used to restore automotive components require lots of power and abrasive chemicals, both of which have negative consequences for the environment.
  • Wasted time: Why spend your precious working hours on cleaning small or large parts manually when our tanks can do it for you? Moreover, we can almost guarantee that no other washing solution is as efficient or thorough as ours.


At CleenSonic, we never settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction, and we service a varied range of industries, from automotive to aerodynamics. Find out about our product range, prices, warranties and aftercare services by calling us today.