Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

Find an ultrasonic cleaning unit to augment your shop’s abilities.

Disassembling hardware and cleaning each component by hand is a laborious process, and not one that many find enjoyable. With the addition of an ultrasonic cleaning unit to your shop, factory, or clinic, however, you will find that processes which once took hours now take far less time—and yield far better results. At CleenSonic, we offer clear advice and robust product choices.

Tips for getting more value out of your Ultrasonic Unit

Purchasing new hardware is always a big investment. To make the most of it, consider these pointers:

  • Thoroughly explore how an ultrasonic cleaner could change the way your business approaches critical workflows. Many of our clients have found that the value in their purchases flows from unexpected places. In one scenario, the cleaning carried out by the unit replaced labour carried out by staff, which actually resulted in lower turnover. With less tedious cleaning, employees were happier in their job roles.
  • Explore the potential benefits of a custom solution for your purposes. While there are many off-the-shelf units which feature high capacities, room for unusually-shaped parts, and other important features, you may not find the exact combination you need all in one unit. CleenSonic can assist you in making a smarter, more value-driven investment by designing and fabricating a bespoke unit.
  • Take factors such as energy consumption into account while you evaluate units. For example, the Green Label certification on UltraTecno cleaning units represents a significant potential savings over annual and lifetime metrics. Designed and built to use less energy to achieve the same outstanding results, when you’re looking at these options, consider how to make the most of your investment with energy efficiency.

What you can expect from CleenSonic’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Options

Why partner with our team? There are three key advantages to our service:

  • Flexibility. We understand that operations in different industries will face varying cleaning, finishing, and sanitisation requirements. Our service features in-built flexibility intended to allow CleenSonic to provide appropriate options for any business. Our free, in-depth assessment of how you can benefit from this hardware is evidence of our sincere commitment.
  • Dependability. Cycle after cycle, your machine must continue to clean at the same level to produce the consistent results that are important to your daily operations. Whether you choose one of our custom solutions or a unit manufactured by Crest Ultrasonics or Ultratecno, you can trust that your unit will be durable and capable of producing consistent results.
  • Longevity. The units we supply come with standard warranties intended to provide peace of mind and help protect your investment. We are confident that you will find the units we supply are of high quality, durable, and ready for many years of service.


With broad options, a commitment to your satisfaction, and durable equipment, why continue to rely on outmoded cleaning processes? Step into the future of component cleaning with CleenSonic. Request your free solution exploration session today.