Ultrasonic Cleaner

The right ultrasonic cleaner streamlines daily work with ease.

Cleaning dirty components is an essential maintenance task that helps to prolong equipment life and keep operational hours up—but it is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. With an ultrasonic cleaner from CleenSonic, however, you can use the power of technology to achieve better results, faster.

Services We Provide Related to Sonic Cleaner Options

As your provider in this area, we offer several helpful services:

  • Flexible options for a custom-built ultrasonic cleaning system. Although we proudly offer equipment produced by leading ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers, we also provide bespoke fabrication services for our clients. Particularly useful when you need very large or unusually-shaped components, we have the skills and experience to produce a design than you can put into service for many years of reliable operation.
  • Industrial solutions suitable for any level of need in any industry, with ultra-high capacity units of up to 5500 litres available for the heaviest-duty jobs. Units can also be as small as 1278L, or even smaller—down to just two litres—for a benchtop unit. Consider that several different cleaners may enable a more robust system than using only one.
  • A free exploration of potential solutions for your business. We’re excited to show you the potential benefits of employing one of these systems on site. To that end, our team will consult with you and provide a free evaluation to allow your team to fully understand its benefits, costs, and future savings.

Helpful tips regarding your Sonic Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner Selection

What should you keep in mind as you shop for this hardware?

  • Consider the composition and the size of the parts you will need to clean. A thorough understanding of how the material will react to ultrasonic cleaning not only makes it simpler to choose not only the correct product but also the ideal cleaning solution for use within the unit. When tackling oil and grease, for example, you may need a different approach than when you’re using a small benchtop cleaner for delicate surgical instruments.
  • Think about the types of contaminants you want to target during the cleaning cycle. If you’re struggling with your choices for solvent, seek professional advice on how to create a setup best suited for your work environment. Regardless, you will find ultrasonics provide a better result across the board because of their unique mechanism of action—billions of tiny bubbles that penetrate even the tiniest cracks for cleaning.
  • Create a list of questions and concerns to bring to a supplier such as. The CleenSonic staff is happy to walk you through each of your concerns. This process can also help us to pinpoint the right option for you to purchase.


With a deep understanding of this technology, strong industry connections, and a staff dedicated to securing positive outcomes for our clients, CleenSonic is a standout choice for any operations that are reassessing their cleaning processes. Don’t settle for a solution that won’t yield the best results: find out more today about how we can assist your business.