Diesel Particulate Filters are an environmental tool designed to remove the  harmful soot by-product from diesel engines.  These filters have a built in regeneration facility where the accumulated build up is burnt of.  Even though there are many cases where the regeneration is not carried out and the filters need to be removed and cleaned.  DPF replacement is a considerably costly exercise so using CleenSonic is the greatest way to save you time and money. If it can fit in the bath we can clean it.

DPF before
DPF after



Induction Manifolds

Through general use all vehicles develop carbon build up.  It doesn’t matter whether they are petrol or diesel engines, contaminants build overtime which can reduce the efficiency of an engine.  These contaminants can be extremely difficult to remove but CleenSonic can do the job for you efficiently and cost effectively.

Induction Manifolds
Induction Manifolds


EGR Valves

Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves operate as the name implies.  Waste gases from an engine are recirculated back into the intake manifold to burn off excess gasses and therefore reduce emissions.  The down side is the waste gases are full of contaminants which build over time.  CleenSonic is the greatest money and time saving way to rejuvenate these components.


Braking and Steering Components

Both these hydraulic systems are prone to having a sludge build up.  Over time this sludge hardens and at times can float around and block fluid channels causing damage. Whether you are servicing or repairing damage these systems, cleaning can be difficult due to the small size of the fluid  lines.  CleenSonic is ideal for thoroughly cleaning where it matters.


Cooling System Radiators

Most commonly known as the engine radiator, these can also be used as oil coolers, intercoolers for turbos, transmission coolers among others.  Due to the nature of these components in reducing temperatures and the small apertures, they often get blocked causing reduced flow of fluids which can at times become completely blocked can cause sever damage.  Traditionally these are cleaned by dismantling and manually cleaning down each tube.  CleenSonic will thoroughly clean the radiator without dismantling.


Engine Parts

When re-building an old worn out engine it is critical that all the components are in the best condition before re-assembly.  Sludge and carbon build up in ring grooves and around con-rods can be difficult to remove completely. CleenSonic completely rejuvenates these components to extend the life of the engine after rebuilding.

Engine Parts
Engine Parts


Automatic Transmission Components

Automatic transmissions are extremely complicated and sensitive and suffer considerably when not serviced at regular intervals.  Old transmission fluid becomes the means by which wear particles move about and build up within.  The fine valleys and channels this fluid travels is too difficult  to manually clean, which is why CleenSonic is the best method known for removing this contamination and returning the transmission to new.


Turbo Charger Components

All performance enthusiasts know a choked up turbo charger is the most common reason for power loss. The turbo charger and the manifold pipes associated with it can easily be cleaner with CleenSonic.  If the unfortunate situation arises of a seal leak, the intercooler can be filled with oil.  CleenSonic is the perfect solution to removing all deposits which can clog up your performance vehicle.


Carburettor Components

Even though this has become “Old School” technology, a carby is still a complicated piece of engineering.  Fuel deposits and oil contaminants regularly block the channels of a carby causing the vehicle to run badly.  A full bath treatment from CleenSonic will restore the intricate carburettor components back to original.

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