CleenSonic Ultrasonic Cleaning Services provides asset Rejuvenation from unwanted impurities

Automotive I Earthmoving & Construction I Marine I Mining I Rail/Industrial

Engine Components: Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Emission Control, Turbo Charges
Filtration: Air Filtration, Exhaust [Diesel Particulate Filters], Sintered Filter Rejuvenation
Heat Exchanges: Radiators, Evaporators, Condensers, EGR Coolers
Driveline: Drive Transmissions, Drive Tracs, Drive Axles, Axle Hubs, Traction Motors and Components
Hydraulics: Pistons, Rams, Pump Components

Benefits of CleenSonic Services

Augments Safety and Work Health: No need to make physical contact with unwanted contaminants
Enhances the Natural Environment:
  1. By optimising the operation of industrial equipment unwanted emissions are reduced.
  2. Through stringent management practices and compliant with ISO140001 Environmental work practices.
Asset Protection: Ensure assets are kept in optimum operating condition consequently mitigating many economic costs.

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