At CleenSonic we have mastered our ultrasonic asset and product rejuvenation service over many years of experience.  Our expert staff and our specifically designed 21st century ultrasonic equipment and chemicals deliver efficient, productive and cost mitigating benefits to your organisation ultimately improving your company’s bottom line. 

  • Achieving Consistent cleaning/rejuvenation results delivered by skilled operating with cutting edge ultrasonics technology.
  • Increased productivity through effective multi-tasking operational functions.
  • Variable and non-contact scrubbing action which removes only contaminants that obstruct functionality.
  • Ultimately reaching hard to access areas such as small apertures, holes or tubes such as those found in radiators or injection moulding nozzles that are traditionally difficult and time consuming to clean.
  • Work, health and safety consideration of its operators with namely hands-off cleaning and virtually no contact with harmful chemicals.

The CleenSonic service offer is powerful enough to remove the toughest contaminants but designed to do so with a gentle touch. CleenSonic services a range of various industrial equipment components in many industry sectors. Manufacturing Plant, Transport, Marine and Rail to highlight a few.

CleenSonic is able to remove contaminants such as, carbon deposits, oils, grease, metal shavings, paint, surface rust, contaminating plastics and much more. This capability offers its clients service with value and precision at exceptionally competitive and economical service rates. 

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Yours Sincerely,

Nick Rassios
Managing Director

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